Enrollment Policy

All students currently enrolled in Mom Mastery University have the rights and privileges to access all information available within their enrollment plan. Due to the proprietary nature of the information contained within MMU, no student is allowed at any time to share the content and information contained within MMU with other people (emailing links to workshops, calls, or programs, sharing ID codes to access calls, copying information and sharing with others).

Students enrolled in MMU are allowed to cancel their subscription at any time, but will forfeit all credits earned and will be unable to access those credits in future enrollment. All cancelations will be followed by a probation period of 6 months before the student is allowed to enroll again. To cancel enrollment, contact student services at moc.yretsammom@secivrestneduts. Students may also modify their enrollment plan at any time without penalty and their fee will be prorated accordingly during the next billing cycle. Team Keeley, LLC also reserves the right to cancel membership at any time due to any behavior that is considered offensive by Team Keeley, LLC or not in line with the brand (in other words, keep it clean, Mamas!).